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Error when i try to record csgo, and Optimizing the game.

Hello, so as I said in the tittle, I get and error when i try to record CSGO, When i press the button to record it appears on screen: "The Game DVR reported unexpected error (22)

I thought it had something to be with not being optimized, so i tried to optimizing it, and it just doesn't, so i tried to remove the game from there, but with no success, (i'm new to that stuff too :P) so i tried to hide it and now i can't add it now :P i just wanted to record some games with my friend so i can go back doing youtube, i tried to change to OBS but i have some problems there too, so if you can reccommend other recording softwares that don't have much impact to fps (they are no problem but still, i have a new pc thats why i want to record (i5-4460 and r9 380 4gb))
Thanks :D

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