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Your particular graphics card is not yet supported / R9 380X

Is anyone having this same problem?  

3 people have this problem

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same problem here.

Yes, im having the same problem. i have make a ticket but its been 14days but no reply from them

I am running a Sapphire R9 285X and have not problems with Optimization.

What brand of card are you running and are there other symptoms or issues relating to your video card also occurring?

And are you running the latest version of Crimson? 

@ZANIER61  ( I know you didn't asked me but i wanted to give you some info...)

I am running a Sapphire R9 380X Nitro 4GB. 

Additionally i have the error 22 by trying to capture a Video.  (gameDVR sevice reported an unexpected error )

The latest Crimson Version is installed (15.12)

A Friend of mine also has the exact same Problems with his R9 380X XFX.

im on 15.2 drivers and the gigabyte windforce R9 380X

i am also running on sapphire R9 380x with the latest driver, tried reinstalling raptr and crimson but problem still occured

Yeah, same problem here, sent a mail to amd raptr and they said i could try to redownload the drivers, didnt work. otherwise i just had to wait until they fixd it

@marius635 - I have replied back to your ticket (#25043). If you're getting Error 22 we recommend trying a work-around that we post to users. Let me know if it does not work for you though. I posted the same instructions to another ticket you made as well. 

@verun. are you 1 of the admin? because its been month since no admin to solve my ticket issue

@IMA_G - I am an admin. Unfortunately some tickets can fall through the cracks like yours did. I apologize. I'll have someone take a look at your issue.

We're still working to find a work around for this issue, however if you are getting Error 22 we released a new patch for the client that might remedy it for those with R9 285 and 380 chipsets. You may want to give that a try.

has this card gotten support now? just asking because i have the same problem with my 960 GTX 4gb, but haven't gotten any reply on my support ticket after more then an month

I'll reply to your ticket, but it should be supported.