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No Sound in certain games

Records video just fine in CS GO and league of legends but no sound but i get perfect sound and video in witcher 3. What is the cause of these issues?

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I have the same problem but different games, worked for dota 2 in the begining now there is no sound at all for any game.

Same thing

Has anyone a solution?

We found issues with sound that appear to be connected with the Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset. If you're using that headset, let us know. 

Yes i am currently using Kraken USB 7.1 Headset

We found that the issue is linked to a background running piece of software called "Krakenhelper.exe". We can't really determine what exactly it does, but some users have stated that closing the background exe then allows sound to be recorded. We are still looking into this option for a more permanent fix though.