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CSGO/other games crashing with Raptr highlight/session record enabled

Ever since the new AMD Crimson driver was released (15.11 and 15.12 this occurs on) I have been having trouble with a couple of games crashing after various amounts of time whilst Raptr is open in the background and having either the Highlight function enabled and/or session record enabled. However CSGO is the main culprit as it will crash without fail after 1 or 2 games, always with these functions turned on.

Now, after some of my own testing, trying older crimson driver, older version of raptr, clean installs of drivers/raptr, and playing without Raptr running, I can confirm it is definitely a Driver/Raptr issue, as I was able to play for several hours without Raptr open and did not receive one crash.

After doing some investigation, I have come to the conclusion that it is related to what Raptr determines as my main monitor for playing games (as I use dual screens, as I am sure most gamers do), I have a 1080p screen which i use for gaming and a 1680x1050 screen for other things. My 1080p screen is set to default in both Windows 10 and the Crimson settings, however when looking at the Raptr optimisation screen for ALL games, it wants to optimise my resolution as 1680x1050 (my secondary screen) and not the one I have set as default.

I believe this is causing some sort of conflict when playing games as it looks like the Raptr software is getting confused between what resolution the game is being played at and what resolution it is being "recorded" at.

Before upgrading to the Crimson Driver/latest Gaming Evolved release I never had this issue at all, and the recommended resolution was that of my main monitor.

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