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Can't edit the recordings

I have recorded something with Raptr ( in DayZ. A lot of files were added in the My Video\Raptr folder.  .bmp .txt .mp4. I want to edit the recorded footage into a video for Youtube. But when I drag the .mp4 into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The program crashes. When I drag it into Sony Vegas Pro 12, it adds the file in the projects folder. But when I drag the file on the time line. It only contains a video of 4 minutes. And the recorded .mp4 was originally 25 min long. 

I can watch the .mp4 just fine in VLC player. The video quality is nice and the length of the video is true. But I can't edit it. What is going wrong here?

Now I've read in another topic that you can use an x264 mpeg4 codec, but I have no clue how to use that in combination with Raptr or Premiere pro/ Sony Vegas pro.

Thank you

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