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Problem with FPS

 Hello. I don't know why, but my video is very laggy. In game i have ~300FPS but on video ~10.


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Bump I forget to wrote. My vid: Radeon 6870

You are running across an issue with Software Encoding. 

This typically means that your GPU does not meet the requirements for Hardware Encoding, so it has to utilize your CPU for recording. However, because your CPU is already taking on a fairly high load, and our recorder runs at a lower priority, the final recording will more than likely be a much lower frame rate than the game was initially running at. 

Unfortunately, the only method to correct this would be to upgrade your GPU, and possibly lower the recording quality. Otherwise, there isn't much more that we can do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok. I changed process priority to "Hight" and it works! Thanks.