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Where da hell is GVR Option

So i havent been using AMD GAMIN EVOLVED for a while so yea i guess there were some changes but where da hell is GVR option gone ? For manualy recordings , i used that to record my gameplays , now i have only Highlight and something that record automaticly when i start a game.

I want old GVR back where i can record my gameplay manualy 

screenshot :

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It's still there.

I believe it's linked to Highlight Clips, and then you just hit the Manual Record hotkey. It won't auto-record your gameplay, but you'll still be able to manually record, and save a quick highlight.

@Verun , nope nothing is happening when i click the manual button

@adoexp - So the recording isn't working at all, or just the manual record?

What game are you trying to record?

What GPU do you have?

I'm sure we can figure out what is going on.

 I have that problem:

, but when I press hotkey manual record appears and records without problem:

@nelsongap - So which feature is not working for you? Highlights?


Thanks for answering, I mean that in most of the games both features work for me, but the manual recording option only appears when i hit hotkey, no big deal. However, both options stopped working for some games, I've created a ticket for that problem #24139. Now should i create a new topic with my problem?

@nelsongap - I have responded to your ticket. We can continue to deal with the issue in there. You shouldn't have to create a new topic for your issue, the ticket will work just fine. Thank you for doing that!