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Remove Logitech SetPoint (Raptr ends up being a HDD space hog)

For whatever reason, Raptr has begun(?) detecting my mouse+keyboard app as a "game" and the log files it generates are *insane*.

I had pretty much the same experience as this user...

I am also on Windows 7 64-bit, although the other specs are different.

And I was also able to quickly find the source of this massive file writing using WinDirStat (before discovering that Reddit thread!).



...there are two files...

[game] SetPoint.exe.log


[game] SetPoint.exe.log.1

...which are...

27.8 GB


14.8 GB


They are now being manually deleted.

Logitech SetPoint runs on Startup on my PC.

Please let me know if you need any additional information on that process; or just download it from Logitech, although I may be using an older version (mine is reporting itself as "Control Center version 6.51.8, Driver version 5.50.98").

I am on the latest version of the Raptr desktop app.

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Hi godprobe,

  I've added the application to our blacklist, meaning that Raptr and should now ignore SetPoint.exe as a source for recording.

Hopefully this makes this unwelcome space usage stop!  Can you verify?

Thanks for posting the very clear explanation here about the issue.

I haven't yet done a system reboot to test this thoroughly, but thus far the blacklisting seems to have done the trick -- no more log file and still have drive space days later!
Donuts are awesome! Thank you!


Thanks! We're happy to help!