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DCS multiplayer - Raptr turns off


I hope this topic hasn't been covered, but searching for DCS doesn't give me any results.

So I play DCS - Digital Combat Simulator - a combat flight sim and Raptr turns on as normal when the game is launched. If I join a MP server however, it turns off once the map fully loads. By "turns off", I mean the icon at the top left that says "Press Ctrl + F2 to record" disappears and the function doesn't work in game. 

No one over at the DCS forums is having the same problem as myself. Is there a way to "restart" Raptr or get it to see DCS while playing?

I am currently running windows 10 64-bit  and am using the AMD Radeon R9 200 with ~8 GB or RAM. My processor is an i7-2600K at 3.4 GHz. I am using Direct X12.

Hopefully there's a fix out there!


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