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Almost an entire year of this

 I have seen you say that there are some new rewards coming soon, but are they going to be available to ALL countries, or just the USA?? Because I live in AUstralia and would really like some decent rewards, FINALLY. Not this stupid lottery of MAYBE I MIGHT win a game.... IF I am lucky. 

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I believe they will be available in all countries except for a few (China for instance). We're planning to release the new rewards any day now.

Actually the new (PWE) rewards from ~20/01/2016 are allegedly available only in NA/Eu (except for Russia) if I understood correctly, so probably not in your place or mine and not in most of the world.

This issue is now known though, it seems people like Verun kindly help in checking or re-accessing the situation / verifying with the vendor if the limitations should be as inclusive as those are now (sorry if I understood this wrongly), and I hope the situation will change. (Note that I am a simple user with the same issue on a different area, and not a support member.) I don't know if the situation will change but this is linked to this topic and at least we have a hope now.


@Saya_O - Still working on it! So just a heads up!