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New Rewards in the Store (Jan 20th, 2016)

Just as a heads up to those who follow the forums here: We have just added 6 new rewards to the Raptr Store. 

Neverwinter Online

  • Title + Pack  350 RP
  • Faithful Initiate + Pack  500 RP
  • Owlbear Mount  2000 RP

Star Trek Online

  • Orange Tabby Cat  250 RP
  • NX Class Light Escort  1000 RP
  • T6 Tactical Escort  4000 RP

If you come across any issues with these rewards, please let us know as soon as possible by either creating a ticket, or a post here on the forum. You are welcome to reply to this post as well for these specific rewards.

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Hello, I am a big STO player and i thank you for adding these rewards. My questions comment is, is the T6 tactical escort available only the federation version??? Or can we choose the ROmulan Klingon faction ships ? and are these a 1 time unlock or an account wide unlock ( i can claim with each of my characters ?)

Thank you for adding this again. 

From best that I know, I believe it is only in the Federation Version, and does not allow an option for the Romulan and/or Klingon factions. These are account wide unlocks and should unlock for all your characters.

Enjoy the Rewards :-)

Is there any way you can find out if we can get the other two ships ? i would not mind paying individually for them, it would just be nice to be ablke to specially for people with toons on the other factions of the game.

I'll have to apologize for my lack of knowledge regarding Star Trek Online. Would you be able to provide me the names of the Klingon and Romulan equivalents? I really can't promise anything but I'll email our marketing team and see if they can't talk to the providers about getting them. But the chances are low. Just being honest with ya. :-)

It's no problem at all, the Klingon version is called the Kor bird of prey and the Romulan version is the Malem light Warbird.  It would be awesome if this could be done and i understand that chances are low, but it make sense to offer them all since they all go together. Same ship different faction. 

You DO know that people from other regions than US/EU play STO/Neverwinter in En or any Eu language and join Eu/En-US communities, yes?
Why don't you make this reward available to those of us who actually play on a Eu server (and community) and on En (or any European) language? Is this limitation intended?

If you don't make it available to all who may theoretically run an En/Eu languages' version at least, and if this is intentional why not say ahead here that the code is not available to anybody resides outside Eu/US... Note: I joined raptr solely because of a STO key while realizing too late it's indeed not available for me, allegedly.

Note that I am for making this available to all, but if you somehow have a language/server issue please inform so clearly in reward page but please don't limit it in site level for the sake of those who us who actually play on En/Int/Eu servers.


@Saya_O - Thanks for the input. We are aware that it's possible the codes may not work on every server. These limitations are set by the provider of the codes (In this case, Perfect World). I'll see if we can get a more accurate confirmation on which countries/servers these codes work for and see if we can't make it more transparent on the rewards page.

Additionally, what country are you from if you don't mind me asking?

I am from Israel, playing Startrek Online and having a Neverwinter old install both on En language/European Int server. (main language English most people are from Europe or En speaking languages allegedly)

I play in English.

Why is this localization madness?

Ah I have another note.
I could redeem codes meant for Eu/US servers before as I play on En/US or Eu servers for PWE.


I know its sudden but has there been any update or news to see if we can get the other faction escorts ? 

 And sorry for multiple posts, I can't see/edit my new post even for accuracy/adding details or refining an accidentally too harsh language possibly.

I play on Holodeck server for Startrek Online, the language is set to English.

Unsure now which server I play Neverwinter, (can't check ATM and don't want to add another post for that) but it's an En speaking or Eu international or simply international server on which you may find people from US/Eu and probably from all over the world.

@aramyll - Nothing yet. Although I have sent out an email regarding it. As mentioned before though, there is a low chance of it happening. But it's still worth a shot!

@Saya_O - Sorry about the multiple posts and being unable to see them. We're being a bit more tight on moderation since spamming has been such an issue. As such, I verify all posts before they can be placed. (The benefit is it also allows me to answer them more often as I have a better eye on what's coming in). 

I have already sent out an email to marketing to get more clarification regarding the validity of where these codes should or should not apply. While the codes themselves apply to the NA/EU servers that Perfect World owns, being able to see the codes on our site is based on country code. However, I did share this information found on the STO wikipedia page to our team: 

"Due to a business agreement with their international partners in certain regions, Perfect World Entertainment blocks Star Trek Online from certain regions, including China, Taiwan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam and Egypt and will apply this block both to players wanting to start as well as existing accounts that travel to these regions."

So it very well could be that we only need to block those countries, but we'd like to get permission from PWE before proceeding. 

I cant see any rewards , are they region blocked or something?

Thank you Verun. Any news on this PWE issue - any answer accepted? (I am trying in parallel btw to solve a related issue of almost nothing available to my country, but this can help)

Availability on Eu/US is not an availability on most countries, BTW. So I hope the alleged "just in case limitations" will be removed for all vendors.