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New Rewards in the Store (Jan 20th, 2016)

Just as a heads up to those who follow the forums here: We have just added 6 new rewards to the Raptr Store. 

Neverwinter Online

  • Title + Pack  350 RP
  • Faithful Initiate + Pack  500 RP
  • Owlbear Mount  2000 RP

Star Trek Online

  • Orange Tabby Cat  250 RP
  • NX Class Light Escort  1000 RP
  • T6 Tactical Escort  4000 RP

If you come across any issues with these rewards, please let us know as soon as possible by either creating a ticket, or a post here on the forum. You are welcome to reply to this post as well for these specific rewards.

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Then unfortunately that is probably due to a restriction based on location. Not all rewards are available in every country.