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can't collect bronze reward

This isn't as simple as it wont let me, it's odd.

i'm logged in, as you can tell, but when i "check past purchases" and "see if i won" i have won and i see my code (this is this hour of posting) i click the link provided and for some

reason, i'm no longer logged in, so i proceed to "redeem game(s)" and enter my birth date, then i'm greeted with a log in screen, i use my details, but my account doesn't exist or the details are wrong. i've reset my password twice just to be sure i know exactly what the details are, and i keep being refused when logging in.

as it is evident, i'm here! obviously, i can log in, but this is become a nuisance and very annoying.

if anybody can, tell me how to redeem this Bronze Reward Sweepstakes Code without using that silly link above the code.

this would be appreciated to be solved a.s.a.p

thanks in advance. i'm sorry this is so awkward!

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Hi there.

If you're having difficulty with the link using the client, try using a browser and if you were using a browser, try using a different one.  You can use the link or just enter the following URL into your browser:
The page that should be opened is the AMD site where you can select the game.