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login problems

i have login problems on the software

but on the website i can login normally

i tried to reinstall program

and change password

Nothing works Please help me

12 people have this problem

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Same here. Very frustrating.

I have the same problem. I removed the applications it did not work, change your password is also not helped. On the Raptr normally I can not log in. Please help.

I did manage to login to the desktop app after the location verification email was sent and link clicked on.

Same here. Very frustrating.

It's possible there could have been connection issues over the weekend. If you're still having a problem with connecting, can you create a ticket regarding your issue?

Same here!!!!

2 days with this issue :@ 


i still can't connect with the desktop app

Same here! i can't login for 4 days now.

Been having the same issue as Psycloo. Been going on for pretty much a week at least. Tired of this app and website hardly working, and the devs no longer communicating or keeping it updated. 

 Had the same problem here, I did however get it to log by trying to reconnect about 8 times, so far it's stayed connected. (15 mins). Hate seeing that pop-up from auto-login everytime however.

Same here. I re-installed the app, disabled firewall, etc. and I still have the "Unable to contact"


Same probleme

Same here - Ticket opening -- No reaction - No Announcement

Same,  I have this exact problem.  I even changed my password as well and through the site everything is perfect.  the app, unable to login.  Getting very annoying.