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Sound not being recorded in certain games

Good morning everyone!

I do have a problem with the recording function of AMD Gaming Evolved.

To make it short: Video is recorded properly, no problems with that.

However the Audio is missing in certain games.

I first experienced that problem as I watched some of my League of Legends recordings.

All of them were recorded properly but the ingame sound as well as my microphone sound was missing completely.

So I thought something is wrong completely.

However after playing some Grand Theft Auto Online I noticed that the sound was recorded properly.

After playing some more games I did also discover that the sound won't record in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Again the Video is recorded properly.

Therefore I guess this is a game related problem?

How to fix this issue?

I'd really like to also record my sounds during my LoL sessions.

Thank you in advance!

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We had a user report that there was a problem with being unable to record audio, and it was due to a interruption between AMD Audio drivers and his Motherboard drivers. I believe he disabled his AMD audio drivers and everything worked after that. Have you tried anything like that?

Uhm I doubt disabling my audio driver would fix things. Then I won't hear anything at all.

Plus I don't think that would solve it, since there are games where it's definitely working.

Just merely explaining what one user was able to find to resolve his issue with the audio not recording. AMD audio drivers were causing an issue, so he disabled them and relied on his Motherboard drivers. Worked after that.

You could check the individual game settings to see if they use Hardware Acceleration for Audio. Check to see if audio output is any different (2.1 vs 7.1; headset vs speakers, etc). If you're not noticing anything out of the ordinary, then I'd recommend creating a ticket in our system and posting the 5-digit ticket number here. It will allow me to follow-up faster than having to wait in line.