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Unexpected error (22) of the recording service SWTOR

Hello everyone,

I decided to post on the forum for here more than a week I created a ticket, but still no answer.

Since I put Windows 8.1 on my PC because W7 was not compatible with some versions of software used for my studies I meet will message: "Unexpected Error (22) of the recording service" when I run SWTOR. On Windows 7 I had no problem, my OS is official, I reinstall Raptr, gaming and evolded swtor 3 times in different orders but still the same worries. Could someone help me?

And sorry for my English, I am French.

My configuration:

Sapphire R9 280X,

12 GB of Ram in 1600 MHz,

SSD samsung evo.

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Sorry for the late reply on the ticket. I have responded to it though. Let me know how things go.