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Cant record GTA V

Well, it works fine to many other games I have tested...

but only with GTA V I cant record... its just dont activate when after game launch.. please help..

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Do you know if it brings up any errors at all?

What other games have you tried recording?

And, what type of GPU do you have?

Verun thx for reply...

I use raptor to record CS:GO, H1Z1, SpinTires, MaxPayne and some projects on SketchUp.. it works fine...

but only with GTA V I cant record... no errors, just dont work... the hotkey to start dont work, the overlay info from raptr dont show...

I use AMD 270X GigaByte 2g gddr5 

I have gone ahead and converted this issue into a ticket so that we can privately get logs from you. Hopefully we'll figure out why GTAV is not recording for you.

Man thanks for attention.. I solve this after run GTA in window mode... 

I used raptr optimized settings then it become working now... you can close this, thank you

No problem. Glad it ended up working for you and it was something simple. Still slightly odd that it required the optimized settings to record. I'll see if we can't take a look at that. I'll close out the ticket I created for you.