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Add game Paladins

On September 2015 Hi-Rez Studio released closed beta Paladins. I can't record for some reason this game and then I realized game was not on the list. Please add it. Here is game web site:

Thank you !

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Not having a Game Detection should not interfere with Recording the game. 

However, once someone at Raptr can get access to Paladins we will work on a detection for it. 

Thanks for letting us know though!

Thanks for reply. Yes u are right about recording. I can record it without any problem now. Maybe it happened because I had launched 2 game same time. Don't know but it really works and records for now! Thanks once again.

@paparazzy - No problem! I guarantee that we will add Paladins once we can get an account and into the Beta. Enjoy the game though!