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OSD showing on videos

Title says everything. I experienced this when recording osu! My GPU is a 7970, and it happens on both fullscreen and borderless window. Any ideas? Example:

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Do you mean this portion here?

You are correct that it should not be showing. Did this just start happening?

Did the clip you show come from the manual recording itself, or was it also an auto-recording while manual recording?

Yes, just that. It is directly from the manual recording. I don't record too often, so I don't know exactly when it started happening, but I do remember that it didn't do it before. It may be when I upgraded from W8 to 10, but I don't see why that could be a problem. It happens on other games too.

@subnorman - I can try to get someone to test it out and see if we're seeing the same results.

Can you provide:

  • Osu! Version
  • Windows Version (specific; not just Windows 10)
  • Let me know if you have any mods for Osu! or if you're using something else that could overlay (Overwolf, MSI Afterburner, etc)
Additionally, have you tried reinstalling either the AMD GE client or Osu!?