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Need help with open ticket #22603

 Can someone offer me additional help with my ticket. It's been 5 weeks now and this process is taking a long time to get any answers. #22603

Thanks in advance

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@army_of_one - Sorry for the delay. I have responded to your ticket. 

Reply back here if you don't get a response regarding it.

I've replied to you in my open ticket. Could you please check it out when you get a chance thanks

@army_of_one - I've replied to the ticket. Thanks for letting me know!

Same here. 19 days ago i´ve sent the logs, now i don´t know what´s next. #24139

@nelsongap - Sorry about that. I sent it off for someone to take a look at but it apparently fell through the cracks. I'll respond back, but since some time has passed I'll be asking for logs again (in a new method).

Seems that Blackbeard has stopped replying to my open ticket about 4 weeks ago. Should I just start replying on this thread? Seems I get responses a lot quicker here

 @army_of_one - Do you mean ticket # 22603?

I kind of took it over and starting answering some of your questions instead of blackbeard. I have applied myself to the ticket now so I'll get the responses when you reply. But yes, posting here when you don't get an answer to your ticket is the right thing to do.

Although, your issue is kind of odd. I'll keep taking a look though. Sorry it hasn't been a smooth process at all for you.

Thanks for your help. If you need any additional information please let me know. I check this thread and the open ticket daily so I will respond to you asap


 Go ahead and close this ticket, this support system is the worst I've ever encountered. Opened ticket on December 19th with minimal help. Next card will be Nvidia because of this. I'm sure my reply will be moderated and not posted.

@army_of_one - I apologize that you feel that your ticket was not handled correctly. On the back end in person here, we did try looking into your issue heavily. Unfortunately, there are some situations that are very unique like yours and thus can be very difficult to solve. As mentioned back in the ticket, for all intents and purposes it should have been recording, but was running across a odd error that we don't see very often. We're still not 100% sure why it wasn't recording.

Once again, we're sorry.

Please keep in mind that with your decision to go to Nvidia, we still work with Nvidia cards if you're ever interested in the future. Have a great day!