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Replaced files

So I recorded the first 4 levels of Tomb Raider Anniversary for a video game series that I am making, the game-play was recorded fine, was in my library and ready to edit, everything was great.

Then about a week later I decided I wanted to record the first part of the next level as a preview to stick at the end of the 4th level, I recorded about two minutes worth and then when I went back into my video editing software to continue with making the video I found that the video files had all disappeared. I then checked the recording file name my editing software said was missing against the video files on my computer and found that the file that I had just recorded for the 5th level shared the exact same name as the first 4 levels. Does this mean that the file was stupid enough to name itself the EXACT same file name as my old content and thus replaced it completely and I no longer have access to it (because I can't find them in my AMD library either) or is there a way to get those files back? This is extremely annoying for me as I was very close to finishing the video and I had worked really hard on it (it wasn't just a straight forward video where you just see the gameplay in one continuous shot, it had editing and shots of myself in my room to switch between for a better paced video), so I hope there is a way to get all those files back.

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The only method that a video would disappear would be if your storage space was met and it was being over-written by other games. This should only apply to automatically recorded footage though. Manual recorded footage, and saving Highlights should not be erased. 

In the stand-alone application, it has a toggle for whether you want it to start auto-deleting automatically recorded videos:

However, even if a video is deleted, it should end up in your Recycle Bin and is not immediately destroyed.