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The new 16.1.1 driver update

Ever since I downloaded and installed the newest updates to the drivers, after clearing the old ones out, have been crashing regularly. in one gaming secession I have had 6 total driver stop responding and has recovered. There are no error codes to look up so that one may prevent this. The older drivers which I am most likely have to go and revert to didn't crash no errors or no stop responding or anything. If these drivers dotn work properly how is the streaming community going to be able to do what they like to do? Yes I want an answer from the providers on that.

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Hi yappy0,

I completely understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we're not AMD so we don't have all the answers in regards to the quality of the driver released. We can only speak how that driver may interact with our software (Raptr / AMD Gaming Evolved / We will still try to help your issue though as much as we can, and see if this is a wide-spread problem. I have responded to the ticket you made asking for logs so that we can look and find the back-end errors to this issue. 

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this latest issue, feel free and let me know either through this forum post or on the ticket. Thank you for your patience and hopefully we can figure this out for you!