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Ticket Processing?

 Hey there, just curious how long it usually takes for somebody to process a support ticket. I only posted mine a little over 24 hours ago, so I'm not terribly worried but I saw the guy before me post that he had been waiting 5 weeks.... Eeek!

Like I said, just curious.

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It varies greatly. Our current process is trying to get to a ticket within 7 days. This has not always been attainable though. The weekends tend to impact us and can cause some back-up. 

However, we have found ways that we can increase our efficiency and making new processes to speed things up. So there is a lot of change and we're doing what we can to get to everyone as fast as we possibly can.

What should I do if my ticket goes unanswered for more than 7 days?

Here is what you can do:

  • Create a forum post that indicates you made a ticket that has gone unanswered. I filter through the forum responses so I see every post coming in now. From there, I can find the ticket and respond.
  • Create another ticket indicating that you made another ticket that has gone unanswered. If possible, place the 5-digit Ticket ID in the subject. We can merge them to avoid clutter once we find them. 
  • Try not to be angry. We never intentionally ignore someone's ticket and try to get to them all. Some, unfortunately, just fall through the cracks.
One thing that does not help:
  • Bumping the unanswered ticket with more responses. For some reason our system does not inform us if a user has responded to a ticket unless that ticket is in a "Waiting on Customer" status.