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Custom Settings in Raptr

Hello, I am using fraps currently and Raptr on the occasion. I want to be able to record with custom fps (preferably 120) and be able to change the mbp/s. I just wish in raptr the settings were more customisable. If I could get these changes that would be awesome and make recording for my YouTube channel much easier as I am an editor. It is this thing which has made me think of getting a Nvidia. I would love custom settings and I'm sure everyone else could. I love AMD because they have such cheap hardware for good quality. If only they really good software then I would just be in love. Please fix/change this. Thanks :)

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You can already change the Mbps in Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved up to 50Mbps. You are correct that we don't quite have custom FPS up to 120. But we may start working our way there. I appreciate the feedback nonetheless!

 I was using geforce experience a few days ago, Nor has many adjustable options, Records 120 fps but with a variable frame rate it constantly drops to 60 or less. The only software I've tried that records 120 fps constant frame rate is mirillis action, The software is compatible with AMD, Intel, and nvidia. However I prefer to use Raptr, is ridiculously easy to cut and share videos, it integrates various social networks and can download some free 2 play games, besides gaming communities and plays tv site. The app has some problems and it would be nice to make it more customizable, but i love the app.

@nelsongap - Thanks for the kind words. We're definitely still working to make it better. We do want to make sure that we have everything under control before we start making large strides which could end badly. We'll keep working at it though!