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Can't add time to Knights of Valour

No matter how many times I try, the website doesn't acknowledge that I've done so. In fact, outside of a direct google search to the game's page, I can't get to the page from my dashboard at all, it just redirects to whatever the last game I added time to was.

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@whisper2053 - Do you know roughly how many times you tried to manually add the game?

@verun I'd say it was in the neighborhood of 4 times that I attempted to add 2 hours. For what it's worth, I see that time *was* added, to the tune of 7 hours, though there was never any notification (ie: 'Status Updated', or the game appearing at the head of my 'Game Collection' list, for instance).

Correct, I see the same thing. What may have happened is a sort of 'backup'. If a game gets manually added too many times, it can cause a congestion. Both and I and another coworker added Knights of Valour to our Game Collection, and the time was added eventually. However, yours appears to had gotten stuck, and then finally processed through. It appears like it has gone through though.

Keep in mind that whatever time you manually add, you have to wait that amount of time before it actually gets added to your time. (15 minutes will take 15 minutes, 2 hours will take 2 hours, etc)