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Screenshot hotkey

For some reason it is only allowing me to set my mouse buttons for hotkeys and not my keyboard.

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What type of mouse and keyboard are you using? 

Are you making sure to click the box once, then type in what hotkey you want, and then click away from the box?

What hotkey are you trying to make it?

Logitech mouse and GE keyboard.  Both worked fine until recently.  Right now it is only accepting mouse clicks when I go into those hotkey options.  When I try to type in keyboard options it does not respond.   I wanted to use F2.

How recently would you say this happened? Did it start yesterday when you posted? 

When it started, did you change anything on your PC? New OS, keyboard, mouse, etc?

I never got a new keyboard or mouse.  This problem is recent when I posted.  Obviously I would not want to use my mouse left button for screen shots since I need it for the game itself.  Only thing I can think of is the upgrade to windows 10.

Does it matter what keybindings it is? We'll more than likely need logs to see what is going on; if it shows anything that is.

My problem may have been resolved.  I downloaded new version of Radeon yesterday and it seemed to take care of the issue.

Oh interesting. We'll take a look and see if we come across anything. Glad it's working for you now!