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AMD Gaming Evolved crashes amd drivers.

About 1-4 times a day AMD Gaming Evolved/Raptr crashes my AMD Drivers resulting in my games crashing and my screen going black for about 5 seconds. I want to use Raptr because I like the instant replay feature and use it for recording but I am tired of it crashing my drivers. I know for sure its this program because I tried uninstalling it for 2 weeks with no crashes. I reinstall it and I get daily crashes :(. I have a Sapphire R9 270 Dual X GPU and can give any info needed. If there is crash logs somewhere from my drivers I can provide that

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More than likely we're going to need logs to see what is happening. It is very odd, but it's more than likely trying to access something in regards to the AMD Drivers and it's not going through and thus crashing. After the screen goes black for 5 seconds, what happens after that? Does the game come back? Does the game crash?

Additionally, the tried and true question we always ask, have you tried reinstalling your AMD video drivers to see if it helps?

I will get the logs if you tell me how to get them. I even completely reinstalled Windows to see if it fixed it about a month ago and it didn't.. Basically my screen goes black and the screen kinda flickers lines and then my game crashes along with my AMD Drivers. Also this doesn't just happen to one game. Also the game doesn't come back I have to close it with task manager.

I have gone ahead and converted the forum post into a ticket. You should have received an email about it. Ticket # 25614 for your reference. Let me know if you need assistance in finding it. Instructions have already been posted on how to send logs.