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How to turn off

Is there any way to completely disable I tried Googling for instructions but the directions I found all seem to refer to options that I cannot find. Specifically, I can't find the Game Replay option to turn off auto-record. I'm getting really sick of having to delete videos every time I finish playing a game, so I'd really appreciate any help!

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The best method is to uninstall from your PC if you're completely uninterested in recording. ( & Raptr will be separate on the Add/Remove Programs list). 

Otherwise, you can open and disable the options in it's Preferences. 

Thanks, I've uninstalled it. I had tried turning off those options in but for whatever reason, I was still having to delete a video after each gaming session. 

I'll have QA take a look at that. That shouldn't be the intention if the recording is off. Thanks for letting us know!