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New Rewards Coming or not?

Its been More then a year , i can only see the AMD Sweeps in the reward store , Are new rewards/games coming or not ? 

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As it stands, these are the most current rewards:

If you're unable to see them then there is a the possibility that you are not within the regional requirements for the reward set by the provider. However, we do have more rewards coming in the future as well.

Was wondering why the STO ships vanished before the expiry date when I went to the page to grab them. Can only see the Bronze Reward and Sapphire R9 Card here. 

@RiceEyes - Simply put, we ran out of codes. We only get a limited amount of codes from the provider. While the expiration date is placed by us (or sometimes by the provider), if the amount of codes we were given has been depleted, it will also remove itself from the store page. 

Hello  VERUN ! Thanks for ur reply , i can only see Sweeps (Bronze ,Silver & Gold) , Can u or ur team do anything so i can see the other rewards too ?

Currently the rewards are only available in US and Europe. However, I believe we're still in contact with Perfect World to get a confirmation on if it can be more specific than that.

@Verun, no worries and thanks for the info, just had me curious whether it was because of my location or something like that, all good :)


@RiceEyes - Doesn't mean I still won't try to fight for you guys! Even if Perfect World doesn't budge (which is totally in their right) we should be getting more rewards from other providers as well :-)

would love to see something new, I am collecting RP for few years now, got over 34k now and there is nothing I can do with it now.

@szejkwow - We're actually adding 2 new rewards very soon. And we already have quite a few lined up. Just need to work out the logistics. What type of rewards are you interested in?

@VERUN, Great, looking forward to see it! I was thinking about some new games or cheap graphic card like it was before. ;-)

It's good to see again a reassurance here that there will be new rewards still and not only PWE (though I personally hope PWE would allow rewards for other regions)
I am looking forward to it and hope those will not be restricted.

I hope there will always be (decently new) useful rewards so at least some rewards will be always available to all - that saying, beside AMD specific/sweepstakes/hardware.
BTW, like the above user I want to thank you Verun for your help and approach.

As said before, please (keep) update us about the situation (PWE's answer when any, regional prize limitations/availability, new rewards and requirement for purchasing those) as soon as possible.

I forgot to mention, I only see the 1st and the 4th (from the upper left) rewards due to regional restriction issues (along with no AMD hardware/client off course),

and some other users from other regions share this known issue. (Verun knows about it but I thought I'd better elaborate exactly which rewards are shown - just in case)

@Saya_O - Yep, still aware of the regional restrictions. PW did mention in I believe one of the original emails that it was US/EU only. However, sometimes that can be a default "safe" approach and it could actually be more specific. However, there has been kind of a bump in the communication, so we'll see if I can't get that back on track. Sorry for the delay, but I definitely have not forgotten about it.

now I have got over 35k points, how's there with the new rewards? :-)