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Microphone problem


I'm using Discord with my Audigy based card to play Arma games. Everything works fine with the "voice activitation" in discord. I have it set up so my mic pics up only my talk and no background sounds. But when I enable microphone in Raptr, it picks up every sound, from my breathing and typing, which is really annoying. If I lower the microphone volume in Raptr, my teammates can barely hear me.

For now I disabled mic in Raptr as the videos sound horrible.

I didn't have that problem with older versions of Raptr. Any ideas how to solve it?

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@upornik - Would you be able to create a ticket about this so you can provide me with a sample video showing the issue? How low do you have to place the microphone in the Preferences to where your teammates cannot hear you? Additionally, what headset/microphone are you using?


I created a ticket: #26136. I will also post two videos. One from a while back when all worked fine and one from now.

I'm using an Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 soundcard and a Medusa Pro Gamer 5.1 headset.


@upornik - Thanks for doing that. I'll continue to assist you in the ticket. If we find a solution though, we can post it back here for other users to see!