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I can not change my email on Raptr

Hi I die in Brazil, I am not managing to change my email, because I put the wrong, you can change me, my email is now (, want to change to (, thanks

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I have gone ahead and changed your email as requested. Let us know if you need more assistance!

can someone change ma email to  my old email domain is dead. thnx in advance


@razzaell - I have changed your email for you. Thanks for letting me know!

@verun I setted up a wrong email years ago (→, supposed to have this email → It was many years ago making that mistake, never been able to comfirm the account. Can it be transferred to my active email ?  Thank you in advance! ♥

@lazywisconsin - I went ahead and changed your email address for you! Let me know if you have any problems with it!

 Hi !

same kind of problem here, email chosen for my inscription is actually broken ,as it sends confirmation email at this adress i can't confirm anything, neverending loop ^^

could you please change it for dubspencer [at] gmail dot com

Many tanks

@babel47 - I went ahead and changed your email for you.