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video driver crash (amd evolved app Open)

Games - Sc2 / Cs go / HotS - Total game freezes and says that the driver stopped's then when the program (amd evolved app) hangs in the tray. My pc (i5 4670 r9 280x ) driver 15.12 + 16.1.1 i have problem when I run evolved app... and game "Rust" the game does not determine, and does not advis writes "oh something went wrong time optimization ......"

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@neverbleyk - Have you tried updating your video drivers and cleaning out older driver versions?

I first thought, too, that because of the docking drivers, but then reinstalled windose, put only 15.12 + evolved, driver crash only occurs when I play CS th (rarely) -. play in full screen, Starkaft 2 each game (full screen mode) , Hots (over time) is a complete monitor, why complete? I monitor 144hz and that would be the game remained in 60fps (sc2-Hots-dota full screen) when I turn on the mode in the window without frame (or close amd evolved app - all the rules), but I can not play in a window without frame, delete and does not want to play too very best program very convenient to record interesting moments without amd evolved. (Power Maximum Performance) seems to me the problem is that the overlay program hangs over the game (just a guess), and Rust maybe blokiret cheat, and no Rust in the list of games when I want to add manually.

Little bit a communication issue, but I think I got the basic understanding of it. More than likely what is happening if it's a driver crash is AMD Gaming Evolved is utilizing a piece of the drivers that is failing. We would need to see logs to try and fully understand what is happening. 

If you believe the issue is the overlay, have you tried disabling the overlay for the games and see if it crashes?

when turn off the overlay tab "Games" then everything is fine! But vidio recording unavailable

I'll create this into a ticket so we can get logs on what is happening.

I redirected the log, just today was a crash while playing DotA 2