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Session videos only have 5 minutes of video


So i was going pretty good at ARK SOTF and i was hoping that raptr would record it this time, the replay wasnt working that session but i thought the session video would, but ofcourse as always raptr gives me a useless video with only ~5minutes of video and 1 hour and 10 minutes worth of audio, also the replays have audio that is a bit too early, it is not as bad as having no video though.

I hope someone has answers for me so i can actually record my sessions :)


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Is this the only game you have a problem with?

Is ARK SOTF a mod of ARK Survival Evolved?

Do you notice this same issue in the Raptr/ client, or only in video editing software?

Ark sotf is a mod for ark, but it is an official mod that requires restarting, a "total conversion", i think gtav doesnt have this but i just cannot say for sure, lately i have only played this game.. Also the app that starts when you quit a game that shows the videos also doesnt give me video only audio after some amount of minutes
i dont know f other games have the same proble, ark sotf is a mod, but they made it themselves, and you have to restart to use it a "tota conversion"
i notice the issue on raptr and too


yes, i also have this problem with other games


@funkeypim12 - Thanks for providing all that information. We'll need to get logs to figure out what is going on since we don't typically see this type of issue. I will provide the instructions in the ticket you made (#26414).