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Video Capture is not available for your system at this time

Hey so, i recently built a new computer and this program/software stuff came included with it, worked great for awhile until i turned it off one day. i wasn't yet aware of all the commands for it so i disabled it, figuring i could just turn it on when i wanted to again. well that time has come and now it won't let me enable session video recording or highlight clip recording, giving me the message "Video Capture is not available for your system at this time". All my drivers are up-to-date and my system exceeds all requirements. any assistance on this is greatly appreciated. thank you in advance. 

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Looking at your system it appears that your video card may not meet the requirements for Hardware Encoding. So you may be falling into an issue where the IQS_index test ran low during the last boot-up. You may want to try following the instructions here to see if it helps: LINK