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Firstly I'd like to start by saying that I am a Hard Core AMD\ATI\RADEON\SAPPHIRE & RAPTR SUPPORTER AND FAN!

I AM not a kid, but a 55 year old male, ex I.T. TSA and father to two teenage sons who are also Huge Hard Core AMD supporters and members here.

We appreciate what AMD has always done for the gaming community and consumers, and this message is intended as a form of "GIVING BACK" to

AMD for all their hard work and good will towards all gamers. I may come across as harsh, but I'm hoping it's taken as TOUCH LOVE!!! And it is Truly

from love that I base this topic. My goal with this topic is that it gets back to AMD's hierarchy and seriously considered as helpful by the responses of 

Raptr members shared here. Not just my own views and opinions.

When I first joined Raptr with my sons, I thought that this was going to be a great way for the Entire Global AMD Gaming Community to communicate 

directly with AMD management and share idea's. But as I quietly partook of the range of Raptr offerings over the last years, I have noticed that as a 

community, it is somewhat passive, uninvolved and UN-EVOLVING Entity, from both sides(AMD & members). So I started thinking... What's Missing?

Why is there no real tangible spark or excitement elicited by being here or joining? And I realized that it was due to a lacking strategy in marketing.

Excitement is Generated By Action! Involvement is Bolstered by Rewards! The feeling of Belonging to Something Bigger than one's self is given birth

to by visible recognition within our separate communities and online presents. So how can RAPTR EVOLVE into an ACTIVE GLOBAL COMMUNITY?

I say it's by having a wider array of rewards both big and small that is sustainable for AMD and will get the attention of the AMD Gaming Community!

I would love to see AMD logo'ed Baseball Caps, Tshirts, Jackets and Posters, PINS and mousepads as Weekly and Monthly Rewards or able to be 

purchased for Raptr Points! I would like to see more and Varied Sapphire Video Cards on offer for Raptr points(the same R7 270 has been sitting there

for over a year with no other higher valued GPU's listed). If you really want to start a clamour and activity, you could put up other R9 280 & 290 series

GPU's for the entry and median level folks and not effect the newer series sales for the Fury and 300 series. Those will be the GPU the newly rewarded

AMD fans will desire to upgrade two in the next 2 years. While others like myself who already have a R9 285 Sapphire is looking to upgrade to a new

POLARIS 400 series GPU in the coming year. 

I would also like to see more AMD\RADEON\SAPPHIRE Surveys for the community to help AMD and partner companies to help develop ideas and 

sow the seeds for future concepts... When you have this many minds to get suggestions from, there has to be a few brilliant idea's lurking in the mist 

that could be a real benefit to AMD and in turn for the community as well...

I don't know how or who AMD has running the RAPTR machinery, but it's seriously time to stir things up and attract more of the Million of AMD users to 

come join this community and family and take part in it. This next century will be AMD's for the taking and we the fans and supporters of AMD would like 

to take part in seeing that happen. It's time to face the future with higher expectations and turn things around! And this new technology will see to it that the 

future is CRIMSON!!

Looking forward to the coming years with AMD

And wish all the best to the entire AMD Global family 

Louie Massacesi (Ontario Canada)


My Build:

Windows 8.1 

AMD FX 8370 on a ASUS M5A99FX PRO mobo

Sapphire R9 285 GPU

Corsair H80i GT CPU Watercooler(iLink)

Corsair HX1000i 80 Plus Platinum PSU(iLink)

8 Gb Kingston HyperX Fury Ram 1866mhz

Antec 900 Custom modified case

My15yrs old Sons build(his first self built)

Windows 10

AMD FX 8320 on a Gigabyte 99FXA-UD3 mobo

Gigabyte R9 380X Windforce GPU(birthday present)

Corsair H80i GT CPU Watercooler(iLink)

EVGA SuperNova B2 750 Watt 80 Plus Bronze PSU

8 Gb Kingston HyperX Fury Ram 1866mhz

ThermalMaster TC-102 case

My 12 yr old Sons Build

AMD FX6300 on a ASUS M5A97 mobo

Sapphire R7 265 Dual X 2Gb

Corsair H55 CPU Watercooler

Coolermaster 500watt PSU 

8 gig Kingston HyperX Fury Ram 1866mhz

Thermaltake Versa H22 case         


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Hey Louie! Thanks for the great ideas!

We're working with Marketing to try and spice things up, get more rewards. 

Keep in mind that Raptr is it's own entity. We do have a partnership with AMD, but they don't own our company. Any association with rewards can be done through AMD, but also through our own endeavors. 

Either way, I do greatly appreciate the kind words and glad you're concerned about the Community and it's future!