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Echo Night 2: The Lord of Nightmares

Title is Japan only, but there is fan translation patch. There is even wikipedia article, here it is Echo Night 2 . So please add game page, thanks. I''m playing the game and that's what I love about Raptr that I can manually track older games and save it to history, so I would be very thankful if you added game page as fast as you could, yet again thanks in advance.

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Please :') My OCD is killing me if I don't track this game, just one simple page, at least tell me tell me to wait and you're working on it :')

Sorry for the delay. I'll send the request and see what they can do. 

Thank you very much VERUN, please let me know if there will be any news.

Wow, thank you very much VERUN for reacting so fast <3

No problem! Game pages are relatively quick despite still taking some time. It's actual detections that can be tricky sometimes. But glad we were able to help!