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stop from installing

Hey all!

I really hate when software installs other software, especially when it does so silently. 

Is there any way to stop raptr from installing because if not I WILL uninstall raptr, I dont care for what features it gives and there is no option to disable the program in the raprt or program as far as I can tell. 


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We're really sorry that this happened to you as this issue was first made aware to us a couple weeks ago.  It turned out to be a bug in our uninstaller where we did not remember whether or not the user had manually uninstalled the app. Once we found out this was happening, we stopped pushing out the client update to the rest of the users.

Unfortunately, in order to fix the problem, we had to release another version of the client on March 3rd, 2016 (which comes with which contains the logic to remember whether or not the user has manually uninstalled This is the reason why we had to install it once again on your machine. From here on out, will not install/update itself unless the user already has installed, or you are installing Raptr fresh on a new PC.

Again, we apologize that this has happened to you, and it will not happen again in the future.

Feel free and let me know if you have any additional feedback!

I just deleted every executable but left it installed.
It feels good knowing that everytime I restart my computer, some exception handling notices how much I hate companies which install and set up programs on my computer without my consent.

I hope that the raptr team realizes that as soon as another game tracking program will emerge, the Xfire exodus will repeat itself :D

@Alex22 - I'll make sure to let our team know about your feedback in regards to being included with Raptr. If you had to design it, what changes would you make? We did make the change for separating the clients for a few reasons that we believe benefited the community in the long run including more uniform bug fixes and added features. Feel free and let us know though.

well it seems that this crappy software has made a return even though you said raptr updater now had logic built in to remember if you removed the shit.... 

I uninstalled it 2 weeks ago and it reinstalled itself with todays update GG.

yeah i've uninstalled every time its installed this post here says you made it so it wouldn't install when updating yet it did it just now again in the newest update... i'm getting tired of this program installing that P.O.S. secondary program

here's an idea.. if we wanted such things.. we would manually install them or you can ask us if we wish to install.. don't force it on us


@Natherul - It was a bug that didn't get resolved. We should have it corrected now. We apologize for that, it should have only affected a small number of users.

It happened to me again a few days ago.

That's it from me guys, up into the shelf right next to MySpace and digg <3

@Alex22 - Would you be able to let us know what day it happened? We would be interested to see if it was still the bug when 1.9 was released, or if it's something new we need to take care of.

I don't know the specific date and couldn't be bothered less.

Being a software engineer myself I'm just thinking about the meeting where some of your guys had the glorious idea let the program install other shit on people's computers.

Pretty much the definition of Adware as far as I'm concerned.

Also please note that I don't think that a small percentage where affected. Pretty much all of my friends who use Raptr had the same issue.

@verun here's an idea.. DON'T INCLUDE IT!!!!  you didn't used to and i didn't used to have this problem.. every time the app updates it installs and i'm sick of it.. not only does it do this but it also resets the settings so that it automatically launches so if i don't remember right after an update i have to go in and uninstall this crap adware program if i start playing a game i suddenly get a message "C: drive is full"


@jakaloap - I will relay the feedback that you'd like an option for it not to be included. However, did it reinstall recently? Same question I requested from Alex22, I want to know if it's still affecting those who have uninstalled it. 

@verun yes the last update it reinstalled.. and the update before that.. and the update before that. and the one before that. it has never once not installed AND I DON'T WANT IT!!!


@jakaloap - I appreciate the reply. That does seem odd that it's still reinstalling, I'll make sure to let someone know. I wonder if it's related to the fact that it is also resetting the preferences. Either way, you have my deepest apologies for this happening to you and I will make sure to relay this information to our team.