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Raptr connection problem

Hi, i'm having a problem when i try to connect to Raptr, it just says: "Não foi possível conectar ao Verifique sua Conexão com a Internet e Tente de novo."

which means "It was not possible to connect to Verify your Internet connection and try again." in portuguese.

 I already checked my Firewall, it's not activated, already searched for Spyware's / Malware's on my PC, didn't find any, already used the CCleaner and no results.

The problem started this Saturday.

Raptr.png Raptr.png
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Have you tried elevating the client to Administrator?

Yes, currently the Launcher starts with windows, i tried to close it and elevate it, but the problem persists

Have you tried reinstalling the client?

Also, was the client working before and now it's suddenly not working?