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How Do I Re-Enable GVR? Plays.TV Disabled IT!!!

 Hi I have a R9 280x and recently I was very pleased by the performance of the highlight saving abilities and the GVR ability of the AMD Gaming Evolved Software. Then one day, I booted up my computer and did the usually AMD Driver Update to 16.2.2 and then I launch my games and see that there is no little HUD telling me that I am able to save a highlight in the top left corner. This was all working fine on my system and then just one day it was just gone. I looked in the AMD Gaming Evolved program and it's settings but all mention of the GVR feature had disappeared and all that was left was stupid Plays.TV and a dumb screenshot option. I decided then that maybe I should install Plays.TV (activate it as it had auto-installed) and then it ended up recording a whole 3 hours or 10 GB of video and the GVR features still didn't work! After trying everything I could think of I just decided to call it quits, uninstall annoying Plays. TV and consult the forums. Please Please, if anyone knows how to bring back the old GVR where you can just press control + F2 and save a highlight then please please help me as GVR has been the best recording software for me yet. Thanks!

P.S. I know people will ask more about my set up and basically I have enough storage and ram to last for years and a AMD FX 8 Core 8350 unlocked processor.

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Well it seems like the features were working as intended since it did record. However, let me see if I can't help correct some confusion.

  • There is no method to return the old recording functions to Raptr. It uses now. However, it did not lose any features, only gained some more.
  • Hotkeys changed slightly between and Raptr's recording. By default, Ctrl+F2 is for placing a Bookmark. Ctrl+F3 is for Highlights now. However, you can change these to whatever you wish. 
  • Screenshots and Twitch Streaming are still done through Raptr. 
Let me know if you have more questions or concerns.