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Plays.TV broken?

so every time i try to launch i get a pop up telling me to look for an app that can run this on the windows app store.

I have a GTX 970 Graphics crad

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Can you show me a screenshot of the pop-up that tells you to look for an app on the windows app store?

Is running in the background when this is happening?

What happens if you restart either client?

The same to me too!

Win Store sais there is no founds of that crap.


A screenshot would be great to be able to see exactly what the issue is. If someone could provide it for us, we'd greatly appreciate it. 

No need for Pics. It is exactly as I explaint. Raptr comes now up with there startup-Windows but now it sais instad.

So I try to setup that it want to open an "APP" it redirekts to Microsoft10-Store where there is no found. End of story.

Now I went direktly to the website of , downloadet it and handle now with that. Raptr I m sorry you are deinstalled in banish from my disk.
Sad I liked you guys, but if you want it this way.
Now I have to fight though the hiden menues of , always that efford I hate it! I dont find it much asked to have a simple (accelerated) recording software, thats all.

ps:your support is nice though


@pleasedontkillme - Well Raptr and are owned by the same company, so depending on what you want to use is completely up to you. However, we're looking into the issue with the Win 10 store popping up. Right now we're recommend that users check their antivirus as well as elevate the client as Administrator to see if it helps until we can find the solution.