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PlaysTV Useless - Fix It.

Since Plays TV Came out of beta, it has become useless and a pain. I want to be able to save highlights without having to record my whole 'gaming session'. This is now not possible from what i can see, and has made the program a hindrance than a help. Not only that but rather then edit the volume of the video levels, it turns down my actual microphone volume, making it impossible to hear for other users, and again, a large pain in the backside.

I want either:

A) A link to where i can find raptr when playstv was in beta where the program was useable

B) An update to the program to make it functional.


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Hi Vertijon, 

I merged your topics since the moderation kicks off every post, so it can be some time before a user can see their post go up. But let's get to the meat of the issue.

  • Automatic Session Recording is not tied to Saving Highlights. I made a handy image to help dissolve any confusion!

  • has been out of Beta for a while now, the Raptr version was the Beta and missing several features. There is no method to easily install an older version of Raptr without it auto-updating.
  • I believe the microphone worked in the same matter; although I could be wrong. 
  • In your other post, you mentioned having to zoom out to see the whole website. Which website? Support page, Raptr or

Hi, manual recording doesn't work.

Also there is no hotkey for manual recording in HUD, only shows hotkeys for highlights and bookmarks. 

Here is where the manual recording hotkey is located:

Which games have you tried recording with manual recording where it did not work?

I have my settings to that. But what I want is to be able to hit my hotkey and it to record the previous 5 min of gameplay and not the entire session. How would I go about this? Also I have all the huds enabled constantly (including overlay) but the little record highlight: hotkey indicator isn't showing :( thanks for the image though, has cleared majority of confusion, but just wondering if by highlights you mean prev 5 (or whatever set too) minutes Thanks heaps for the speedy reply (currently away so can't change settings until Tuesday 29th

You'll want to hit this hotkey:

(You can change it from this default setting)

You can alter how much it saves in the Preferences under General:

And you will want to enable Video Capture for it to work as well.

But when I had my settings like this I was still getting the whole session saved, which can be upwards of 3 hours (and a lot of my storage is used). So what you're saying is that I use the capture highlight key with both the session video and video capture turned on? Thanks so much for your help, and I'm on my way home now so I should be able to try and get some screenshots if it still doesnt work. Thanks heaps so far

So now I'm home it appears to be working swiftly, came home too an update screen which is a good sign.

Thank you very much for your swift replies Verun, you've been a huge help! Just a quick question, why do all posts have to be authorised - it seems like a huge pain.

As for the website it was this support.raptr page, where i had to zoom out (to 90%) to see everything (Google chrome 1920x1080 monitor) but it appears to have fixed itself.

Bless ya!


I Lie, it has started auto recording the whole session again :/ Getting really fustrated with it :(

Manual recording does not work in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, hotkey for manual recording doesn't show on overlay. All other options works OK, My session Video works, Bookmarks, and Highlight works, but manual record doesnt work at all. 

I want to record video manually not to Video Session works constantly filling my hard drive.

Ah okay. To disable the Session Recording, you would want to turn off "My Session Video". 

If you leave "Video Capture" enabled, you should still be able to record manually and save Highlights. 

I'll also be looking into lowering portions of the moderation on the forums and see how it goes.

@boxerbih - Manual Recording should be working with Witcher 3. Did you change a hotkey for manual recording?

So upon testing i found i could still record my highlights without session video on, as you said, but the overlay is disabled?

Like it used to show This:

But when i turn it off i see:

I don't Understand.

Here are my settings:

Thankyou For solving this so far, i would just like the HUD to show so i know it is running.

Well it mainly depends on whether you're playing CSGO or not.

In CSGO currently, there is a bug that is not showing the overlays, even though it is still recording/saving highlights.

If it is a different game though, then that is something we need to find out. 

Its CSGO :(

Thanks for your help, hope this gets fixed soon, but until then i shall live without.

@Vertijon - 

Yeah, sorry about that :-/

We do intend on resolving the issue if possible, but I personally don't know the details yet of why it's happening. 

Our apologies.