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PLAYS.TV Most terrible Update EVER

OMG! This makes me very upset. I never write in forums, but today i had to register to give you a small feedback .

The new update with as additional app is the most senseless improvement,ever.

Everything worked fine, up to now. All of a sudden, my recording function has gone. I am forced to install this crappy new app. Why installing a new app, that was implemented well some days ago?

I don't want to use this "new" auto-delete-recording function. I do it manually!
I don't want to upload my videos to the network! Why? Well there is an online video platform called YouTube, ever heared of it??

And i don't want to edit my videos with this in built video editing stuff. There is a free video editing software coming along with Windows, called windows movie maker!

And sorting videos by date instead of by game is the next desastre...

I will not wait long. I will look for pay-software.


greetings from one of many disappointed users.

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Hi r0ny,

I apologize that you feel so upset about the recent changes made with the Raptr application in connection with I'll see if I can address some of your points though to help understand why we made the changes that we did. is actually not a brand new piece of software, it's been out for around a year now. The exact same technology used for Raptr's recording, was used in However, with the freedom of not being tied to Raptr exactly, we were allowed to make more frequent updates, without having to worry about interfering with Raptr's other functions. With our best intentions, we found that having Raptr piggy-back on for recording was a better choice because:

  • It allowed users to now stream Twitch and record at the same time.
  • It allowed Raptr to utilize the newer features of (Bookmarks, Pin/Match Data) without any radical changes.
  • We can develop for one piece of recording software instead of making changes on 3 platforms (Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved,
  • For users that are completely uninterested in recording, this gives them more options to disable or completely remove recording.
If you do not want to use the auto-delete function, it can be disabled in your Preferences under General:

If you do not want to upload your videos to, that is completely fine. We fully support Youtube uploading:

We also allow our videos to be uploaded to other programs for editing, we have no problems with that. 
I believe we do sort our videos by date, but we also gather them together under a folder for that game. Because games like League of Legends and CS:GO are recorded in sessions, it could cause a large amount of videos over a considerable amount of game time. Keeping them situated in the folders makes it so video bloat doesn't occur as heavily. 

With the inception of, Raptr's recording did not lose any functionality or features, but actually gained some. We hope you're willing to give us another try after using it for a bit.

However, if you're dissatisfied and want to use another recorder, we recommend OBS, Bandicam or Shadowplay (for Nvidia users). Let me know if you have any other questions, concerns or feedback!

I am adding my 2 cents here as well.  AMD and by association you dumb asses make the statement For gamers.  This is for only League and CS:GO players.  The number of processes that are running on a PC are critical to a gamer.   Maybe instead of making it another app.  Maybe you should allow it so that the user has the choice  to do what they want.  I Personally liked that I could record ALL of my footage from one app.  Now I have to have 2 to do the same thing.  If I wanted to do that I would have gone with something like Xslpit that does the same shit.  

Release an Update that allows the users to roll back to the older way,  Or,  The easy way would to be ( it really is this easy)  Use the encoded output that you record,  and then split the data stream for 2 destinations.  Dont make open source software make you look as bad as they are right now.  Until you fix this, Give us the option to combine the progs, or you just plain undo this FUCKED UP SHIT.  /Uninstall.  I will switch to NVidia with their cards,  Just so I dont have to use your crap. /End Rant.

PS.  Pre-Crapdate 10/10 Currently 0/10

PS @ RONY,  If you want help setting up OBS,  Let me know,  I will be switching to that.  I wont be using Raptr again.

@obscurespace - Well I do apologize that you feel this way. Keep in mind that recording is now done through 1 app like you mentioned that you prefer. If you only want to do recording, then you only need and don't need Raptr to run in the background. It stands on it's own without the need for Raptr. 

If you want to record, get highlights, bookmarks, CS:GO/LoL Data then we recommend using

If you want to track game time, get RP rewards, Twitch Stream then we recommend Raptr.

If you want both, then you can use both. The same would apply if you wanted to use another recorder, but also track gameplay through Raptr. It is also important to note that we work for Nvidia cards and Intel chipsets as well for recording. 

Feel free and let me know if you have more questions or concerns though.

 I agree to Rony too, bigest mistake ever!

I just found every thing out and it workt find, in "I think" every game I tryed.

I puted Rapr so long away because it was getting on my nervs! Caused by errors and the sensless setting posibilitis and all the community bullshit! ...and then I gave it a try I reached a status of big sadisfaction.

Smooth, no freeces or chrashes, (unlike years with my 7870) now with my R9 390 just perfekt with out performance loss. least until your update, now there is no use enymore

@pleasedontkillme - The new update did not lose any features from the old Raptr recording and in fact gained more features than it. Although you also just posted in another forum about the Windows 10 Store issue which we're looking into. So I apologize that it has not been a smooth transition. But we'll help you out as much as we can.

@Verun Lets do some math. to record.  (A featrure that was in Raptr) + ( This is an add sign)  AMD Gaming Evolved Powered by Raptr  = ( you get the total here) is 2 applications.  Each are 150MB ram. and they run all the time.  

I Use AMD-GE to track my game play.  I Loved it because it recorded.  I hate  It is a Youtube wannabe. You need to go back to school and learn your job,  or at least  when to admit that this update was crap.

If I Install the old version,  And Disable the option to auto update.  Then I get my old version back RIGHT?  Where is the DL link?  I will Manually install the updated one when it is one app again.

@obscurespace - I only mentioned the recording function is used through one piece of software. So thus, (Recording Gameplay) = 1 Application. Now if you want to use Raptr to track gameplay AND record, then you would use 2 programs: AMD Gaming Evolved + However, the same thing would happen if you were to use another recording software, like OBS. OBS (Recording Software) + AMD Gaming Evolved (for tracking gameplay) = 2 applications. 

Thankfully, if you are not interested in recording, then you are welcome to uninstall While it is true that around 150MB may be used, that typically is not an issue for most users (such as yourself whom has 32GB of Ram). While it can vary depending on the user's machine,  currently for me Raptr is using 27MB and is using 140MB. Meanwhile, Chrome is using almost 1GB.

It all depends on what users want to use. If they want to allocate the resources for recording and tracking gameplay, then they can. However, this also allowed users who did not want use to recording at all the freedom to strip the recording from it, which was a highly requested feature. It also allows those who only want recording, and don't care about game tracking, don't have to worry about the extra features that Raptr has.

You are correct though, if you download the old version and disable it's option to auto-update then you can still use that version. I do not have a download link handy though.

RIGHT. To republish the old offline installer.exe would make the best of this frustration. Pls VERUN use your influence to make customers happy again.

@r0ny - As much as I appreciate that you think I have the influence to rollback software that several developers and teams worked on for months; I do not :-). 

Typically the best method to make a change is just make your voice heard (with hopefully calm words and explanation of specifically what you liked before, and what you don't like now).

It is much easier for us to read the feedback of what users want when they say "I don't like this update because of X, Y and Z reasons" as opposed to "I hate this update and Raptr". The latter doesn't really help anyone and doesn't portray what exactly you don't like. 

Previous feedback we had been getting from users before this update is that they didn't like Raptr having a recorder and wanted the ability to disable it completely. Well now they can. So speaking peacefully about exactly which issues (like some already have, thank you!) you do not like can go very far.

Hi Verun,
I realy like the way you tread this people, it is kind and very correct, thank you.

But the reason why that change happen must be a joke!??
They already could disable it!
I mean, you might saying there are diffrend taste but the main reason why AMD puted that in there drivers is its capturing ability as the compatitor has shadowplay.

You got it? That point of your dev. collegs is pointless (if not worse).



<qoute> R0NY

said 8 hours ago

RIGHT. To republish the old offline installer.exe would make the best of this frustration. Pls VERUN use your influence to make customers happy again. </quote>

Then do it. Dont be a sales man for something that we dont want. As I see it, you are still trying to sell us on the new software, And for that you are wrong. The old software allowed people to turn off recording. So you did not change anything.

Also, To make matters worse, you have the ability to talk to them and say "Hey we have people that are dissatisfied with the update." We have that power, We told you. Do your job as a what ever you are (Marketing tech) and tell them that.

And stop trying to sell us on the software that we don't want. We said we don't like it. that is the end of the story. If I have to go find an old version to it I will and I will post a link here in your own forums and make you look bad. (I have an old version someplace). At this point you are the used car sales man that is trying to sell me a car that has none of the featuresd that I want in my car. I ask for power windows, you take the glass out. I want a V8 you give me 2 four cylinder engines.

See the point.

Now I has issue with your Forums,  I was gonna edit my post  But you cant.  Bad option. that is not a spam thing.  that is a If people have to wait thing,  they are less likely to post thing.

This was to be appended to my last comment. 

You said that people wanted the option to be removed from raptr,  I would like to see it added back in,  I DO NOT like  I put up with it just to upload 3 clips.  I could have done it faster on youtube. 

While we did ask you to roll back the sortware,  We Also gave an alternitave,  Please provide a link to the old version,  While it is clear you are a no-one in your company (meaning the lack of ability to do things)

To be very Blunt,  This is what I dont want to see.  

All the 10 second clips that are loaded on the start of the program.  Raptr DID NOT do that.  No offense to the ones that recorded it,  But I dont know you,  and I have no intention of ever watching the crap that you share.  

 That in it self is a Forced adveretisment of your crappy site.  While it is nice to see clips when iI go to website,  I dont want to see it when I load an app to record something.  That makes Raptr better.

If you want to advertise your site,  Fine,  Do that,  but give us the ability to then remove that.  

The point of the matter is this,  I like raptr.  I hate plays. By removing a feature from Raptr and making it plays only makes it look like you are FORCING people to use your app.  I dont like this. 

I am now done,  I have to go find an old version of Raptr.

Your statement "It all depends on what users want to use."
My response "I want to use Raptr as it was prior to this update."

Your statement "If they want to allocate the resources for recording and tracking gameplay, then they can."

My response "You doubled the memory footprint. How does that help manage anything? Further more, 2 processes now run instead of one."

Your statement "However, this also allowed users who did not want use to recording at all the freedom to strip the recording from it, which was a highly requested feature."

My response "Maybe use a plugin system to allow people to turn on and or off areas that they feel are relevent to them. I Found the Area in the Raptr that says "Disable" and "Turn Off" worked great to not use the feature."

Your statement "It also allows those who only want recording, and don't care about game tracking, don't have to worry about the extra features that Raptr has."

My response "Ok thats fine, They can use the standalone application."