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Problems with AMD Game Evolved System with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge



I'm AMD heart from the K5.

I want to report a discovery that left me disappointed.

I discovered today that the huge delays caused on my PC in últmos months was the AMD Game Evolved. I thought that the problem of slow passing with my Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge was Microsoft problem. No! The problem is the AMD application. I no longer see much sense to use it since there are m ore promotions, but short the other application details. The problem is catching the slow system is and the Edge does not open. I noticed this with the last update, but the slow pace was already evident before. But with this latest Edge latch all.

I made a video demonstrating the problem. Currently for me to have performance, must unfortunately leave the enclosed application. Please solve this problem.

The link is only available for 1 week -

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I watched the video but I'm not sure if I see the exact issue taking place, I apologize. 

Are you stating that AMD Gaming Evolved is causing the lag on your PC? 

From best I could tell it may have been scanning for games when it first opened and then was optimizing games. When it's not doing that, how does your PC run then?

I could not see much issue with Edge since you already had it open with several tabs.

However, feel free and elaborate to let me know where I should be seeing the error.

I am trying for weeks to fix this problem , and today I closed AMD Gaming Evolved and Edge started to behave normal. Just to be sure I turned app back on and instantly Edge was slow again. New tabs and web pages are taking some time to load.

App is not scaning for games or optimizing (problem is persistent through day).