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Playstv not work, Fix pls

when you open playstv it does not open and prompts you to enter the Microsoft store

Win10 64x Pro

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We've seen other users with this issue. The issue can be gotten around if you allow your virus / malware detection programs to ignore the application. (Sorry for the generic language here, because I don't know what kind of security program you're using.)

Windows might be thinking that the '' is a document type which needs an application to open it.  That's not the case, the is an executable program.

Please let me know if this is helpful for you to get around this issue.  We can make an article for the solution when we get confirmation from users about it.


disable antivirus "360 total security" and adding playstv, raptr to the white list did not help

Have you tried having open already? Or do you have it installed?

What about elevating the client as Administrator?