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Raptr recording software wont work

Hello there !!

I must say that im confused myself to actually whats going on, but i will try to explain as good as i can.

Since i downloaded Raptr it has always launched itself, coming up with a tiny window top left of my screen when i start a game.

Pressing CTRL + F2 would save 5 min of gameplay footage. I think yesterday something that had to do with AMD updated on my pc, not sure if it was AMD Gaming Evolved.

So now whenever i start a game, there will be no window on my top left saying that raptr is ready, and instead of me being able to save 5 min of footage it records everything.

I have been looking around my settings alot but i cant get it back to what it used to ! When i do press CTRL + F2 it just says that session recording needs to be turned on...even tho it alredy is. Im a bit confused and i only want to get it back to what it used to be, me being able to save 5 min of footage, and having the raptr window on my top left telling me that its ready etc....

Heres a link that shows my would not let me upload it.

Thank you

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Which game are you trying to record?

Have you tried pressing Ctrl+F3 (the new default Highlights button)?