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Manual Recording not working


since the last update the feature to start/stop recording ingame videos manually doesnt work anymore. Recording highlights with a fixed length does not fit my needs. When i start the game (EvE online) my HUD doesnt even show the hint, that i need to press a certain key combination to start/stop recording. It just shows the hint to start a highlight clip. This makes me sad. Is this a bug or was the feature removed in favour of these highlights? I really miss the simplicity of shadowcast i used before switching from nvidia to amd.


Binary Gamura

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Manual Recording is still a part of Raptr. Do you know if it's recording despite not having the HUD?

If it's not appearing, or not recording, this is more than likely a bug we'll need to look into.

Also, does it seem like every other type of recording is working? (Session Recording, etc)