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New Update is Terrible

 Raptr wasn't a very good program to begin with and now with this update making a separate application just makes things more confusing and useless. Whose great idea was it to not notify anyone of these changes, installing another application I did not want and changing an entire feature and settings section? It was working fine the way it was.

Great way to lose users if you ask me. Uninstalling.

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I apologize that you did not like the change that we made. If you'd like to give more feedback on how it can be less confusing, please let us know. We did our best to explain the changes with the pop-up at Install/Update:

However, if you think there is more we can do, let us know.

I personally chose to uninstall, so I don't have the problem RIGHT NOW. (I will chose "I have this problem" as I had it on update installation time and as it may be meaningful to know how many had this issue on install,) It's solved to my satisfaction (by explanation why it was done (installation/setting change etc) and by a further uninstallation of and I understand now why it was done so and that it was done in good intention (even if I would do things totally differently in this regard myself initially if I could and off course if it was my own decision). No real complains here.

Still, Verun, have you personally checked what's happened when one dismisses this screen after reading it, skips tutorial and then later (even right after) manually try to disable Session Videos on preference itself like the screen itself suggests? And yes, I tried to inform about that before. And yes, I visited both raptr and preferences but it never "felt" like a feature "safely" and surely totally turned off no matter what I tried beside an uninstall.
Also (only as a side note) people might have not known ahead they were able to separately uninstall without complications and also so that it won't again reinstall at least AFTER this update, or that it was recommended that those who were not planning to use would deinstall it.

To clarify, no complains now, it's all sorted for me and you helped me very kindly as always, no harm done, and I know no harm meant. But things I wrote here may just possibly explain why people might feel that way and may help troubleshooting if this exactly was non intended, or word changing or any other good measure to be taken. And especially in case you didn't know people felt they couldn't turn the feature off "for sure" after that update was done.

My impression on the new update: "What do users want? We here at Evolve don't understand this question!"

Really bad update folks, really bad.

@Saya_O - Very understandable and well written, thank you!

I appreciate that I was able to help you with your issue.

Believe me when I say that I can understand the frustration; after all, I'm reading all the feedback :-)

However, even things like aesthetic changes have to go through a process for development. So even if there is a back-lash for a particular feature, function or look, we have to design it, code it, test it, etc. So while it would be amazing if we could make changes very quickly, we need to make sure that nothing is done too quickly as to cause issues. 

We are definitely hearing the feedback and may make appropriate changes in the future, as we have done in the past. 

(P.S. I have personally just tried dismissing the paragraph, skipping the tutorial and manually disabling Session Videos in the Preferences. Everything worked as intended for both Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved.)

@chrisbard - Well....what do you want? Let us know, we do want to hear feedback! However, I do try to correct untrue statements to avoid confusion for those that might read the forum post. I never mean for my responses to sound overly defensive or to say that a user's feedback is not appreciated. However, details as to what specifically you may not like can help us to aim things towards what users want. 

I meant it felt like there was no "sure" indication a feature was really turned off while changing things on both raptr (non AMD in my case) and you could though limit the space to minimum though. Even if you un-tick the main one for session videos on for example, if I recall correctly.

I don't remember the details and can't check this now since I don't have this installation.

Ah and I forgot... if you want to bundle it, a thing which I understood was needed in your side, why not make a tick box to let your audience chose in installation stand, if they want to install it then AND remember this chose for the next time, instead of installing and then having to deinstall (something they might even afraid to do when it comes so tightly with a program which updates itself?)

I do agree about the tick box which might not be bad. Unsure what other options might be available in the future. I believe it was a toss-up of "Do we provide so that those that were using Raptr for recording will still be able to record, or do we not include it and people get outraged when they don't have a recorder anymore?". 

Either way, there will be a back-lash. But I'll place your tick-box idea as a Feature Request!