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You guys have reached a point where the recording of ingame footage (fraps like, if you want) was working without much trouble. Now the interface is changed and you are losing a lot of users. Simplifying the interface makes sense, messing with it is beyond me. 


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In what methods have we messed with it that you believe needs to be changed? Please let us know so we can gain more feedback.

What I am expecting from quality recording software:

1. Easy to understand (first look) interface/menu (for recording gameplay and nothing else), which does not intertwine, nor is dependent on any other options/settings (best moments...etc).

2. A menu where user can set the quality of recorded footage (video/sound).

3. Record by pressing a key, stop record by pressing the same key, or when all the available space on the selected drive is gone.

4. Additional Twitch broadcast or any other things users might use, will be separate programs integrated in an Evolve pack, as a separate application and will never hog the system.

Hope this helps as attempting to use your convoluted software to simply record footage, left me with having recorded at the same time two streams or in another case nothing was recorded, although nothing was changed in the settings.

Please simplify and separate various options in a few programs which won't reside in memory! They can be started by the user when needed, unless user wants some of them to be started when windows starts).

Hope this helps.

I greatly appreciate you letting me know these details and taking the time to write it. If you don't mind, I'll add some notes or questions I may have on your points.

1. If you have more detail on what you would like changed, I'd appreciate it. Would you prefer to have more of the Preference options in the Gallery view? Would you want more tabs than just the Gallery view? Feel free and be descriptive

2. This actually exists. You can find it in the Preferences under "General".

3. This also exists actually. Preferences > General has where you can set an amount for space, or just fill up the drive (to an extent, we leave some room). Preferences > Hotkeys has the button for Starting/Stopping Manual Recording.

4. Twitch broadcasting for us is used through the Raptr application and not itself. It follows the same rules of running in a lower priority so it tries not to bog the system/game, but instead will take a hit to performance/quality. Either feel free and elaborate on what you mean with an Evolve pack. 

Thanks again for letting us know :-)