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Black Screen when recording and streaming to twitch


I have a problem during recording my video from Dota2. I use Rapt + I have switchable graphics on my laptop HP PROBOOK 4740s

1. Intel HD Graphics 3000 (drivers: 9.17.0010.4229 win64_152824.exe)
2. AMD Radeon 7650M (drivers: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1)

I play dota2 on AMD Radeon - maximum performance in AMD Catalyst Control Center.

When want to record some video from Dota2 I see only black screen + sound from this game, but I've noticed that when I switch graphic to Intel HD 3000 everything is ok and on the recorded video I see the screen from Dota2 + sound. So the problem is only when I use AMD Radeon.

I tried to use some combination as set up Raptr + applications to maximum performance (Dota2 also) but the result was the same - black screen. on saving energy (Intel HD 3000) + Dota2 on max (Radeon) make the black screen too.

So Dota2 on save mode energy and Raptr + (on high or low - no difference) works good, but I can't play Dota2 on Intel HD 3000 becouse the performance is too low.

Is there any way to fix this?

Kind Regards

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It has to do with what hooks into when it starts. Typically for most laptops it uses a lower end GPU (Intel HD 3000 in your case) for running things like the Desktop. So it will record whatever is playing on that. Although it looks like you've already tried, placing the client or your laptop into a High Performance mode can sometimes help. 

Did you try updating/reinstalling your video drivers to see if that helps?

yes I tried to reinstall drivers. I unistalled drivers for Intel HD 3000 and Radeon 7650M and I installed drivers from HP support website (there are old drivers from 2012 year) and the problem was the same - black screen. Then I installed the newest drivers from Intel and Radeon website and unfortunetly this not help :(

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is much we can do until we can make enhancements to the software. I'll talk with Engineering and see if there has been any head way on cleaning things up for dual GPU laptops.