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session recording/ highlights wont turn on?!

so after the latest update i can no longer turn on session recording on the main menu. it no longer has a cog wheel in the corner and dosnt even show a button to turn highlights recording on. everthing elce is the same however in the small box labled video it just says session recording off. adn a button that says launch. both the launch button adn session recording dont do anything when i press them and refuses to turn on. plz help?!

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Launch should open up which is how Raptr does it's recording now. It has all the same features that Raptr's recording had, and a few more. 

If you're still having problems opening or recording, let me know and we'll continue to try and help.

so launch didnt open app. i had to install that sepretly for some reason but once i did session resording turned on and everythings working just fine again. thx for the super fast responce, but if i may make one recomdation its pull somewere on the main page or home page that raptr now need app you record, ive noticed alot of people makeing the same kind of help discussions and it would just help to reduse confusion.


Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback!